There is a Capital Region city that has a unique way of funding some programs. They are selling old signage from all around the city at auction. According to News 10 ABC, the city of Cohoes is trying to raise money for programs by selling old, out of commission signs from around the city. There are more than seven hundred signs that Cohoes has replaced over the last two years and now they will be up for auction.

The signs will be posted on the website for a full week and will only be available through an auction. There will be no pre-purchase options. The city of Cohoes says that the minimum bid will start at ten dollars and then the bidding will continue with two dollar increments.

The auction will begin at 9am on Tuesday, July 2nd and then signs will be added to the auction each week after. To bid on the signs available, click this link on the auction day.

Cohoes Mayor Shaun Morse says that the money raised will help fund youth recreation programs and the Spindle City Dog Park.

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