There are few better times for kids in the Capital Region, than the warm summer months.

Once summer vacation begins, the true fun starts for children everywhere. You head home, grab your basketball, and take to the streets of your neighborhood to play ball for hours on end. It's a tradition that's tried and true, and even with the incredible advancements in technology, playing ball with your friends is a one-of-a-kind experience.

If your kid lives in the City of Troy, New York, however, you're not legally allowed to do any of that.

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City of Troy Currently Bans "Playing Ball in the Streets" for Residents

As mentioned in a report from WNYT Channel 13, playing ball "of any kind" in the streets of Troy, New York is banned, per their city code. Whether it's basketball in the spring, wiffleball in the summer, or football in the fall, no ball of any kind is currently allowed.

This was a surprise to Troy City Council's President Carmella Mantello.

Should street ball be banned in Troy? (Unsplash / Skye Studios)
Should street ball be banned in Troy? (Unsplash / Skye Studios)

Mantello learned of a Troy resident, who was given a ticket for doing this same exact thing. Troy City leaders voted on a possible amendment to the issue, but no decision was made to reverse the code. Instead, a motion was made to re-work the code, and make it more clear to residents and law enforcement officers what is expected.

How Can You Justify Banning "Ball in the Streets" Anywhere?

Look, there is an argument to be made that this kind of activity is inherently unsafe, and I recognize that. Every group of friends needed the one kid who was the lookout, responsible for yelling "CAR!" when oncoming traffic is barreling down on your game.

That all being said, with proper supervision, there is no justifiable reason why banning street ball is the right thing to do. Kids need an outdoor outlet in order to stay physically fit, build their love of sports, and most importantly, have human interactions with their peers.

Should street ball be banned in Troy? (Unsplash / TJ Dragotta)
Should street ball be banned in Troy? (Unsplash / TJ Dragotta)

Far too often, a kid's only way to entertain himself is on a screen. I'm guilty of it, as well, but even a 23-year old like me knows the value of playing sports with their friends outside in the street.

So, here's hoping this is far from the last update we have on this topic. More to come.

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