Justin Bieber isn't the only pop star with legal woes. Chris Brown is facing his own drama. His latest problem? Oh, he's just being sued by the person he is accused of assaulting in misdemeanor fashion in Washington, D.C. last fall.

Parker Adams has launched a $3 million lawsuit, claiming that Breezy not only beat him up and broke his nose while he was outside of the W Hotel in the nation's capital, but that he also made a gay slur, saying, "I ain't down with that gay s—t." Breezy is also being prosecuted related to this incident.

Brown, who reportedly recorded a song with Ariana Grande and was said to be extorted by another person he had an altercation with, denied that he did anything wrong and even positioned Adams as the aggressor who was trying to force his way onto Breezy's tour bus. There was that whole story about a Secret Service agent accidentally witnessing the incident and hearing the victim say Brown did not strike him.

Adams' lawsuit also names Breezy's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy. Adams wants $1 million in damages from both men for his injuries, on top of an additional $500,0000 apiece for punitive damages, according to TMZ.

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