Chris Brown has clapped back at a woman who claims that she was once kicked out of his presence for not being down for a random hook-up.

On Sunday (May 22), Chris Brown hit up his Instagram Story to let his 109 million followers know that a recent claim made by an unknown woman about him on the We in Miami podcast simply isn't true, according to Breezy.

In the aforementioned IG post, Chris Brown denied that he ever wanted to be intimate with the woman at all, despite her claims to the contrary.

"Shawty fried," wrote the "No Guidance" singer, accompanied by a clown face emoji. "These are the type females that I would never smash. Sounds like I wasn't interested so she had to settle for one of the homies."

Chris Brown's scathing response is the direct result of the woman explaining to the hosts of the podcast that one time, when she was allegedly hanging out with Brown, she was kicked out of the room based on her alleged unwillingness to get down and dirty with the Virginia-bred crooner.

When We in Miami host Slim Stunta brought up Chris Brown's sexual conquests in conversation, the woman explained that she's felt some type of way about Brown ever since he was allegedly very upfront with what he wanted from her, to say the least.

"I ain't gon' lie, I'm not cool with him," said the woman. "Like, I chilled with him once and he tried me, but he just kinda said, like, 'Bitch, if you ain't suckin’ or fuckin’, get the fuck out."

Continuing the conversation with the popular podcast hosts, the woman noted that she understands the reasoning behind artists like Chris Brown expecting to hook up when meeting fans. With that, however, she explained that she isn't the one to be passed around accordingly.

She continued: "I got a dude mentality so I feel them, and that's why I don't blame them. But it's like, if your homeboy is ugly, I'm sorry. I'm not going to take one for the team."

This isn't the first time in recent months that Chris Brown has taken a woman to task based on claims that are sexual in nature. Back in March of this year, he shared voice notes and text messages refuting another woman's claims after she accused the singer of rape and filed a $20 million lawsuit against him.

Watch the clip from the We in Miami podcast below. Fast-forward to the 0:06-mark to hear her tell her side of the story regarding Chris Brown.

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