Are Chris Brown and Drake BFFs now? Maybe. Fans went bonkers on Wednesday (Oct. 2) when Brown posted a video of himself in the studio with his former archenemy Drake.

The two-minute long clip features Breezy and Drizzy in the studio together recording a song. Rappers Big Sean,, Nelly, Lupe Fiasco and others make appearances in the video as well.

It's unclear if the footage is from a recent recording session for Brown's upcoming 'X' album, which he announced is dropping Nov. 19.

Now Brown did tweet out a link to the video on his Twitter page but he removed it. The singer also wrote a Facebook post that read, "Hanging with Drake in the studio" and attached the video as well. Unfortunately, Brown removed the post.

We have no idea why he's playing games with his fans, but it's very frustrating. C'mon Breezy, we're not in the mood for jokes -- give us the real or keep quiet.

Die-hard Chris Brown fans on Twitter are saying that the video is dated and that clips may have been spliced together to make people believe that some sort of Brown-Drake reunion has happened.

If this supposed reunion did occur, then it supports the New York Post's claim that Brown and Drake ended their long-standing feud last month at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Who knows?

Like we said before, we'll believe it when we actually hear something from Chris Brown and Drake.

What do you think? Did Chris Brown and Drake record a song together in the studio or is it just wishful thinking? Tell us in the comments below.