Chris Brown left jail not too long ago. He came back to 'Loyal' being one of the country's hottest singles and seeing to it that his new album, 'X,' is released before the year is over. But none of that matters when it comes to the universal law of the court -- the basketball court, that is. That law: You will get violated if you're a fully functioning grown man who can't play defense. In Breezy's case, he experienced that firsthand.

There's nothing much to be analyzed in the six-second Vine video above. Brown appears to be involved in a basketball game. He shouts out "Defense" while looking directly into a man's cell phone camera, but the results show the singer had a hard time doing just that.

You can be a multi-platinum-selling artist with one of the most notorious storylines in the business. Underneath the groin of another man in the process of a dunk, you're just another schnook.

Embarrassment aside, 'X' is still due Sept. 16.