Well well well it seems Mr. Chris Breezy has excepted Alki David, CEO of FilmOn.TV and executive celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman's 10 million dollar challenge to square off with Drake in the boxing ring. Brown excepted only after hearing that the winner would receive 9 million dollars and loser 1 million (that's a lot of duckets to say no to).

When Chris was asked if he would except the offer to fight Drizzy Drake, he responded with a simple,

“Yeah, I would. I would.”


“We are very excited at FilmOn.TV that Chris Brown has accepted to fight his nemesis,”

Said David also adding,

“Should Drake accept the $ 10 Million Dollar challenge to go toe to toe for three rounds against Chris Brown, both fighters will be put through training leading up to the Las Vegas event in September. They will be trained by iconic names in professional Boxing history.”

This could go one of two ways, it could cause these fools to take the drama BACK to the clubs with them (or their entourage's will). The positive side of things is that the winner is highly encouraged to donate a portion to charity (YEA RIGHT). Nonetheless I would LOVE to see this happen (and don't judge me we all love some good reality TV).

With all that craziness being said, who do you think would come out the victor? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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