“Awwww!” We admit, that’s not usually a reaction we have to temperamental but talented singer Chris Brown.

But when Breezy shared an adorbs baby pic of himself on Twitter for Mother’s Day (May 13), which was his way of celebrating his mother Joyce, we couldn’t contain ourselves. Baby Breezy sure was cute and we said, “Awwww!” Like five times.

The bronze-toned image features the singer in a clear wash basin, smiling and looking innocent and utterly precious. Look at dem cheeks! You can totally tell it’s Breezy because he has the same face now as he did then. We want to squeeze him.

The singer recently made headlines for dropping what was construed as a misogynist freestyle reinterpretation of Kanye West‘s ‘Way Too Cold,’ formerly known as ‘Theraflu.’ His rhymes caused his ex Rihanna to think it was about her and she unfollowed him on Twitter. However, Breezy actually showed fans another side of himself with his baby pic and his words to his mama. We prefer the softer, more sensitive side of Chris Brown.

With the baby pic, Brown tweeted: “Momma you deserve the world for bringing me in it!!!” So cute!

Breezy also tweeted: “Happy Mothers Day to a very special woman.. MOMMA I love you so much! ‘WE APPRECIATE YOU MOMS.’” In addition to being a cute, chubby bathing babe, Breezy wuvs his mama.

For the second time in the space of a few minutes, Breezy elicited an “Awww” from PopCrush.

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