Rapper Chinx was murdered on driving in his Porche in the same Queens neighborhood where he was born and raised. Chinx just released his posthumuous album.

Brad Barket, Getty Images

Chinx—'Legends Never Die' Album Review

He really outdid himself on this album even though he wasn’t here to see it. Onto the album now, his Coke Boys team really did their thing and so Did Chinx. Obviously he really just knocked it outta the park. He really outdid himself from his first album his flow is so dope and really smooth.

I mean, from his first album to this one you can just tell the growth that he’s had. It’s mad wavy and I sure just wish he wasn’t taken from us so soon and abruptly. I know his music will always be remembered for sure because Chinx was one of the realest dudes in the game and one of the realest people period as well.

He was really genuine with his craft and I just love the way he went about his work he really knocked it out the park way out there it’s one of the best albums of this year for sure without question if only he was here to see how much people love his music so very much would be so dope his legacy will forever live on that’s for sure.

The main thing I love about him is how humble he is and he let’s his music speak instead him being so im the man no that’s not Chinx at all. RIP Chinx forever one of the best gone way too soon.

Listen to Chinx's new album here.