Chief Keef is still making headlines for out-of-studio drama rather than music at the halfway point of 2014. This time, the rapper is in the news due to an eviction notice.

The 18-year-old is getting kicked out of his rented mansion in Highland Park, Chicago after falling behind $30,000 in rent. Keef, born Keith Cozart, originally agreed to catch up with his payments by April 20 and received the eviction notice on May 7, after his failure to follow through on his word.

The neighbors don't sound like they'll miss him too much though. The Chicago Tribune noted that the area's residents have called the cops on Cozart multiple times because of his history. One neighbor said, "It's been horrible … They were certainly not good tenants.”

Cozart's eviction is another black mark in a year that includes a stint in rehab, a relapse and, most infamously, a shooting at his manager's mansion that left one 33-year-old seriously wounded. There were no charges filed in that incident.