Chance The Rapper and Lil Yachty team up for a hard-hitting freestyle that has us itching for the Chicago MC's upcoming album.

On Wednesday night (April 10), Chano delivered his new song, "Atlanta House Freestyle" featuring Lil Boat. The song begins with a light piano tune before producer EarlThePearll's intense trap beat drops. Yachty kicks off the freestyle by venting about all the haters around him.

"Got a stick in the coat 'cause these niggas be on me," Yachty raps. "I love what I do, but this shit make you phony/I can't trust a soul 'less that boy really know me, You don't really know me, you hang 'round the homies/Shame in the game, no, I don't work for Sony."

Then, Chance takes the mic and spits about all the blessings he's received lately. He warns that his plan for a musical play is "just an option" and that the track is just the warm-up for what's to come in the future. After flexing all his first world problems, Chano gets some boasts off.

"I keep on all of my VVs in the shower/I'm blacker than Howard, I'm blacker than Morehouse/I'm blacker than Power, I'm blacker than Black people watchin' Black-ish while they TiVo-ing Power," Chance raps.

It's not clear where this loosie will end up, but it's definitely pretty fire.

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