Restaurants come and go every day here in the Capital Region, but there are some GNA nation REALLY misses.

Everyone loves food and loves to reminisce. Yesterday we did both on Facebook when I asked the question - Which closed Capital Region restaurant do you miss the most? This generated so many different answers, but there were a few that were mentioned more than others.



  • 1

    Ponderosa Steakhouse


    This vote was not a close one, When it comes to the restaurant GNA listeners miss the most, Ponderosa lands at the top of the list.

  • 2

    Ground Round


    Is it the food you miss or throwing peanut shells all over the floor?

  • 3

    Old Country Buffet

    Of course anything with the word 'buffet' would be missed!

  • 4

    Villa Valenti


    One Italian restaurant came up the most for GNA listeners - the Villa!

  • 5

    Garcia's Mexican Restaurant


    Taco Tuesday just is not the same for GNA Nation without Garcia's.

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