Chance the Rapper loves to gush over his adorable 16-month-old daughter, Kinsley, but it looks like some outside work has to be put in before he can continue to do it blissfully.

According to reports, the Coloring Book rapper is set to head to court this week, where he will be working out a custody arrangement with the mother of his child, Kirsten Corley. Just two days before the Grammys, where he is slated to perform, Chance will have to work out his contributions towards child support for Kinsley.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Chi-Town MC's lawyers are petitioning the court to set a child support award “below statutory guidelines.” The outlet also says that his lawyers are petitioning for Kirsten to also contribute in their daughter’s expenses, being that she is capable of working. Interestingly enough, Chance's team is also stressing in their petition for the court to “recognize that a large income does not necessarily trigger an extravagant lifestyle." Both parties have sought an order of protection to protect their private information as well.

This is definitely a turn of events for the couple, as Chance gushed over his lady on multiple songs on Coloring Book, and even tributed to Kirsten on his infamous '#SoGoneChallenge' freestyle video. Hopefully the two will  be able to work out things amicably.


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