Chance the Rapper did something that 50 Cent failed to do last week. On Friday (May 30), the Chicago rhymer threw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game and it went waay better that 50's attempt on the mound.

Chance, dressed in a White Sox baseball jersey, threw the ball perfectly in the catcher's mitt just like how the pros do it. Afterward, the 'Acid Rap' artist celebrated with a strong fist pump in the air.

Thankfully, Chance didn't go out like Fif whose erratic throw to home plate made him fodder for jokes on Twitter. There's been speculation that he purposely threw it like that for publicity's sake.

“Oh no, no. It slipped, it slipped out of my hand,” he told 'Good Morning America.'

Meanwhile, Chance is having the best week ever. The 'Everybody's Something' rapper performed a fantastic cover of the cartoon theme song for 'Arthur' at the 2014 Sasquatch! Music Festival. The video itself went viral and most likely helped him gain more fans.

Overall, Chance the Rapper is hitting home runs in the game of life.