Just because B.o.B has an artsy side it doesn't mean he doesn't like the dough. That's what he's saying on his latest track 'All I Want,' off his latest album, 'Underground Luxury.'

On the song, produced by Rock City, the Atlanta rhymer tells the listeners that he needs money, wants it bad, and isn't ashamed to admit it.

"Not a day goes by it ain't on my mind / I ain't gon' front I ain't gon' lie / I rather have an M than an empty pocket / If hundreds ain't in them, them jeans ain't mine / I...that's what I wan't motherf---er / I'll never be a bum motherf---er / You talkin' about like it ain't about the money / You just sound like a dumb motherf---er," he spits.

The Dennis Liu-directed video shows Bobby Ray standing in front of a wall made of various currencies, as he sports an all-black-everything look, complete with a leather aviator jacket, matching hat, and tasteful jewelry.

The video also shows flashes of everyday people, suggesting everybody needs and wants money, regardless of their ethnic background. Later in the footage, B.o.B plays a street musician rapping for dollars, which symbolizes his desire to make money with his art, not just work for free. And we can all feel him on that.

Watch B.o.B's visually-stunning video above.