Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino have kept fans on their toes for years in regards to their rumored joint mixtape together, and it looks like the speculation lives on.

The two rappers recently got together while they were visiting Hawaii over the holidays, and took a flick together for Instagram that added more fuel to the fire. Chance captioned the photo of the two fan favorite MCs, "Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit," which brought back some old memories for Gambino fans.

If you recall, Childish Gambino released a screenplay called Roscoe's Wetsuit back when he dropped his Because The Internet album, which co-starred Chance. Ever since then, the only talks of them working together again has been their apparent joint mixtape, which Gambino confirmed the existence of it this past May.

The tape has been highly-anticipated by fans since 2014 when it was first became a topic of discussions amongst both rappers. It would make sense for the two to work on their joint project right now, as they're both in transition mode. Chance has just come off the road from pushing his Coloring Book mixtape-for-purchase project all summer, and Gambino just released the highly acclaimed, Awaken My Love! in December.

The photo of the two together could be a tease towards another collaboration for a second part of Gambino's Roscoe's Wetsuits screenplay. They may have no real plans set to work on the mixtape together. For now, we'll have to just root these two on as awards season is approaching with Chance up for multiple Grammys, and Gambino up for a Golden Globe. What are your thoughts on the possibility of their joint project?

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