In the video Chad is heard screaming “Where are my humanitarians!? I am Chad L. Coleman from 'The Walking Dead' and 'The Wire!'”

Chad tells TMZ he became upset after overhearing a woman wonder aloud where she knew him from and then her boyfriend telling her,

“No, we don’t know that n*****,”

Its crazy that Chad is being painted as the bad guy because he raised his voice on the subway. Some of the comments on this rant are ridiculous. Why is everyone so quick to judge him, for loosing it? Is what he's saying so hard to understand ? Look around you at whats going on in this country.

A person is a person black or white or yellow or brown, if you think that its okay that all these young black men getting killed and feel its not an issue of race then you need you need a reality check.

Image if it were all young white men, or all young Latino men or young Asian or Arab men would it change you mind then. People need to look inside themselves and realize this is not a black problem but its a problem for everyone.