Ca$h Out knows the secret to rap success: delivering a product that forces people to believe in you, whether it’s onstage or on a record. That’s how he became a fan of Kendrick Lamar. “When I went to Kendrick Lamar’s show in Arizona, I had a set before him that night but I stayed to watch," he tells "His set made me go buy his album the next day when I got back to my city.”

The Atlanta rapper admits he wasn’t too familiar with the Compton emcee’s catalog previously but knew 'Swimming Pools' was taking off on radio. “I wasn’t a fan a day before the show, just being real, but I definitely am now," the 22-year-old Georgia native admits. "Once I had that show with him, I was just like, ‘Man! I gotta go buy his album and see what he’s talking ‘bout…’”

He's perfected his own stage show since arriving on the scene this year. One particular performance in New York City stands out the most. Ca$h Out says that set cemented his place amongst the most exciting new rappers in 2012. “I performed ‘It’s My Time’ in New York and you know that’s a hard crowd, but I had a great show,” he recalls. “I did 12 songs and I was like, ‘Man, this is my first show in New York and they know the whole tape!’”

“Then I did the new song, 'The Curb' and…,” he pauses. “I guess it’s just how I deliver a show. People just gravitate to my show, whether or not I perform a song that they know or a song that’s new. They just feel my vibe, I guess, and they’re like, ‘Well, we gotta rock with him.’

The Epic Records signee has hopes to build an even bigger brand with the release of his new mixtape, ‘Keisha,’ released this week. The effort features guest appearances from French Montana and fellow Atlantans Diamond and Gucci Mane. The latter became an instant fan of the young spitter after hearing the Wale-assisted 'Hold Up,' off his previous mixtape ‘It’s My Time.’ “Me and [Gucci’s manager] Coach K are good friends,” Cash continues, incredulous. “He heard the ‘Hold Up’ record and was like, ‘Get me in touch with that guy.’ When I played the 'The Curb' for him, he was like, ‘Man! You know this beat right here is my type of flavor.’ He just went in there and did it ASAP!”

The decision to move on 'The Curb' is one of the best choices Ca$h Out could have made to close out the year -- the song is quickly gaining popularity. “It was just a track for the streets,” he explains. “Even though it’s catching on like it’s a single, but it’s not, it’s just something for the streets to keep that street foundation still under me.”

There’s something about him that makes other artists want to take notice. Wale stopped by Ca$h Out's ‘Keisha’ listening session in Atlanta last week, and B.o.B. signed on to collaborate on a track for his upcoming debut LP, ‘Patience.’ “B.o.B. really believed in me as an artist,” he shares. “When he did the song, it wasn’t no ‘Hey, give me this money,’ or ‘Hey, do this or do that.’ We met up in New York and he was real genuine.

With the money he has, you don’t expect people to be like that, but I love real people like that, that have that amount of success and they be all overseas and can still come back to a dude like me -- a new up-and-comer in the game -- and be like, ‘Let’s work.’ “

Although Ca$h Out isn’t at liberty to give too many details on the album, he vows that it’s “a great, great body of work.” The lead single, 'Exclusive,' features a verse from Bobby Ray that inspired him to modify his own lyrics. “I had to get B.o.B. on there with me,” the rhymer states, “And just bring his fan base from that world into it.” Then with a chuckle, he adds, “He actually went harder than me, just being real. I had to go in and change a couple things.”

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