After spending the last couple of days clearing out snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways chances are you feel a bit exhausted.

Well, you are not alone. A kid from Canada named Carter Trozzolo's recent interview with the Canadian News show  CTV is going viral for his take on shoveling all that snow.

Carter is 9 years old and was expected to have a fun "snow day" after Winter Storm Izzy dumped plenty of snow in his hometown. Instead of having some fun, Carter had to shovel the snow from his home and the surrounding homes, and well, he sounds like a lot of us after all that shoveling.

Now the video that aired on CTV is going viral on Social media and lots of people feel the same way Carter did about the snow. In fact, the clip went so viral that CTV did a follow-up interview with Carter to see how he was doing.

In fact, if you search the words "Carter T" in the Google Search Bar, Carter's video is one of the first links that you will find.

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There is some good news for Carter. Even though another massive arctic blast is coming his way and temperatures will drop down to freezing, there isn't much snow with this next system. So maybe he can enjoy the snow instead of shoveling it.

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