In a classic case of “no one would have known if you didn’t say anything,” a man by the name of Michael Brophy Jr. is suing Cardi B for using an unidentifiable image of him for the cover of her mixtape, ‘Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1.

The image shows a man with a large back tatt face down in Cardi B’s cookies. Brophy claims that after seeing the cover art he was “shocked, outraged, humiliated and appalled.” Now he wants $5 million.

The thing is, what does he have to be humiliated about? No one knew it was him until he opened him mouth. So now her legal team is accusing him of extortion and they’re right. Sir, no one cares about you or your old ass back tattoo. Quit hating. This is the most famous you’ll ever be.

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