It rarely ends well when a golf cart ends up in the middle of a roadway, and as day turns to night, it only gets worse.

A man was driving a golf cart along a Capital Region roadway, when tragedy struck. The cart ended up on a collision course with an oncoming car, creating an accident that has left those involved scratching their heads.

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Golf Cart/Car Crash Claims Life of Driver on Route 9 in Kinderhook

As reported by ABC News 10 in Albany, New York State Police were called to the scene of an accident on Route 9 in Kinderhook, New York on Saturday, August 13th around 8:40PM.

The crash happened when 60-year old Dopson Wynter entered traffic in a golf cart, and attempted to cross the road. The cart, which had a passenger in it that wasn't struck directly, was hit by a driver in a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hudson Valley 360's Bill Williams was on the scene of the accident, and posted this photo:

Unfortunately, the details above are the only details we have on this crash right now.

An investigation into the crash is still happening, but to this point, we don't know much about who was driving, and how much time both parties had to try to avoid hitting each other. What we do know, is that tragically, the crash took the life of the golf cart driver at the scene.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victim. I simply cannot wrap my head around this one. Why would you need to go on the road at any point? Was it not possible to ride along the side of the road, paralleling the street but never hitting the pavement?

Either way, this story should serve as a lesson to us all: the road is meant for cars, and cars only. Stay safe out there.

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