It was some good news for the Capital Region during Governor Cuomo's Sunday press conference.

It is the news we have been waiting for. After watching several economic regions around us open, when would the Capital Region be ready to start phase one of reopening? It's looking like that time will be sometime this week.

According to a Times Union report, after the state adjusted the requirements to reopen Governor Cuomo announced the Capital Region could begin reopening sometime this week. The state has adjusted the death and hospitalization requirements for regions to reopen, which elevated the area to now meeting 6 of the 7 requirements. The region is expected to hit virus tracer requirement this week as more people are hired for those jobs.

So if the Capital Region stays on track and opens this week, what can reopen? According to the State of New York Forward website, construction, limited retail (Pick up only) and manufacturing. You can see the full list of segments that can reopen here.

It is not everything yet, but it is a start. Most importantly, this will get some folks back to work and hopefully get our local economy moving in the right direction. Hopefully our progress with the virus continues in the right direction as well so we can hit that next phase. That is going to be the thing everyone is watching very closely over the next 2 weeks with as it will determine if we can move on to the next phase of reopening. Lets hoe our local momentum keeps moving in the right direction!

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