With every great sports team, odds are, you'll find a pretty good coach behind the bench.

Yes, most teams are driven by the play of their stars, and teams won't win championships without great players. That said, every team needs a game plan, and need players put in situations to succeed as often as possible. Both of those are executed by great coaches.

Over the years, New York sports teams have been led by some legendary coaches, and managers, that have brought wins and trophies to their teams in the Empire State. Which coaches, though, rise above the rest?

We asked our readers that same question.

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Thanks to answers given on our Facebook page, we've assembled a list of the best coaches and managers in New York sports history, and broken down what they did during their careers at the helm of a New York team. Each of the four major sports ended up being represented, and a stunning amount of hardware was won by this group of bench bosses.

While no current coaches were mentioned in our list, there are still a few coaches and managers that have been in-charge in recent memory. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have coaches who were manning their stations as early as the 1930's.

Within those 80 years or so, there are multiple Stanley Cups, a few Lombardi Trophies, a duet of Walter A. Brown Trophies, and a list of World Series Trophies as far as the eye can see.

So, let's hear it, Capital Region sports fans, who are the best coaches and managers in New York sports history?

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