Cam'ron still had that trademark youthful cocksureness on 'Ghetto Heaven,' one of last year's most underrated projects. You wouldn't immediately guess his age by listening to that effort, but the rapper turned 38 yesterday (Feb. 4) and celebrated his birthday with a party thrown by his girlfriend JuJu. This wasn't just some normal gathering either -- a lingerie party with strippers was at the center of this soiree.

The Harlem, N.Y., native looked like he had a great time with twerkers and dancers cavorting around to 'Get 'Em Girls' in the videos that were plastered all over social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

The man appears so happy with that cape on, plus his circle of friends had a great time too. Just look at Damon Dash engaging in some stripper-esque activities like receiving a lap dance. Guests like 'Love &  Hip Hop' star Erica Mena and photographer Jessica Lehrman were also in the building for the party.

Good thing Cam was at ease on his big day since it seems like he'll need to address some business with Bernard Hopkins, who got word of his jab on the new song 'Humphrey.' Hopkins got called out in the first few lines of the song: "Dame said I'm 'bout it 'cause I wanna fight B-Hop / I said I'll f--- him up after two months of detox."

TMZ caught up with Hopkins and he wasn't quiet about what would go down in the ring between himself and Killa Cam. "It would be a demo," he said. "He must have me confused with someone else."

Although Hopkins is about a decade older than Cam'ron, he's also known as the oldest world champion in the history of boxing.

It's not a total loss if Cam and Hopkins never face off in the ring. Harlem's own still has his highly anticipated project with A-Trak -- 'Federal Reserves' -- dropping soon. But for now, check out these snapshots and videos of the Dipset leader and his friends living it up on his born day.