Imagine sleeping soundly in the middle of the night and all of sudden you are woken out of your sleep by the sound of burglars. Scary feeling right? What would you do?

According to NewsBreak, two men allegedly broke into a Troy apartment. The men in the apartment fought the masked assailants off. At least one of the two robbers was armed with a knife and stun gun. Well that didn't scare resident Devin Chandler. He and his three friends ended up beating up the Ski-masked thieves. One of the men was able to escape. Talk about leaving your homie behind. I guess it was every man for himself at the point. You know what they say, theres no honor amongst thieves. Chandler and his friends were able to subdue the other assailant until the police arrived.

What would you do if someone broke into your home at night while you and your family are sleeping. Do you have a secure home? Are you prepared to defend yourself? Talk about a violation. If someone breaks into your personal space like this should they get whatever comes after?

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