Few things are as exhilarating for a military serviceman (or woman) as coming home, returning to friends, family and loved ones. In Budweiser's 'A Hero's Welcome' 2014 Super Bowl commercial, Lt. Chuck Nadd's homecoming is celebrated on a grand scale. What's the song that goes along with all this heartwarming action?

Fittingly, it's 'Coming Home,' since the spot is about just that. The track is originally a pop-leaning hip-hop song by Diddy Dirty Money, featuring Skylar Grey and her unique, crystalline voice. The commercial only features Grey's affecting, nerve-striking and emotionally resonant chorus, which is beyond appropriate for what's playing out on the screen. Grey is known for her work with Eminem, having penned 'Love the Way You Lie.'

The commercial is incredibly powerful, since Nadd is pretty much greeted with a parade doubling as a welcome home party. The entire town bands together to warmly and happily herald his return. Every hero and serviceperson deserves a hero's welcome such as this!