Want to be proud of the fact that you are American? Well, two American icons -- both folk singer Bob Dylan and car manufacturer Chrysler -- will likely make you feel that way in their 2014 Super Bowl commercial for the Chrysler 200.

Dylan delivers a voiceover that touches on things like the heart and soul of America, thanks to the people who are working on the line. He appears in the spot, too, discussing how Detroit made cars and cars made America.

Other pop culture milemarkers -- Marilyn Monroe, Rosie the Riveter, James Dean and assorted American citizens -- are sprinkled throughout.

Dylan's words are downright poetic. He speaks in measured tones and when he says you can't import an original, you can't fake true cool and you can't duplicate legacy, it's unforgettable.

The song in the commercial is an instrumental version of Dylan's own 'Things Have Changed.'