An Amber Alert went out on Monday for a girl who was caught on camera being snatched from her mother’s side while walking in the Bronx.

The story went viral after four men were seen snatching and pushing her mother to the ground while they put the 16-year-old girl in the car and sped off. Fortunately the girl showed up the next day in the same spot where she was taken and came up to a police car shaken.

After being found in such a short time frame, cops wanted answers. The girl finally confessed to staging the whole thing because she wanted to be with her boyfriend and didn’t want to move back to Honduras with her family.

The girl told cops she just wanted to scare her mom, but after seeing the amber alert and news media take the camera footage viral, she decided enough was enough and to come back home. Love is blind, you do all this so you can be with your boyfriend? What about the affect this is going to have on her mother, she could suffer PTSD. There are some underlying issues for sure going on in this family for a 16-year-old to play on the hearts of an already bigger issue of black girls being taken and not found.

It’s an epidemic and now probably won’t be looked at as serious as all the other missing women and children cases. You can’t cry wolf and expect to be believed the second time around, and I’m also hearing that dude she was dating is a gang member.

Shawty, seriously? Send her to juvi so she can learn a lesson, she does not deserve to get away with this, there must be some type of punishment.
Should she get arrested or not?

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