A childhood toy and hobby could earn a Catskill resident one hundred thousand dollars and the title of Lego Master. Richard Dryden has loved Lego as a kid and now he has teamed up with another Lego enthusiast to compete on the reality show "Lego Masters" on Fox. They have been winning and moving on and tonight they try for their fourth win.

According to Times Union.com, "Lego Masters" is a competition where two Lego partners go head to head against another team to build unique Lego masterpieces. Whichever team impresses the judges more moves on to compete. The show is halfway through the season where there are only six teams left. There is a theme each week and tonight's episode's theme is to bring puppets to life. Last week Richard Dryden and his partner from Chicago, Dave Kaleta won with an impressive Lego masterpiece called "Gnome Matter the Weather".

Richard reached out to Dave when he saw a social media post that supported Black Lives Matter. It was a Lego creation of the Black Lives Matter symbol of a raised fist. As a black man, Richard said it really resonated with him and wanted Dave to be his partner.

Richard says:

I want to inspire kids and families to continue to learn from each other and to learn to build together and create. There is an infinite amount of creativity in anything you do. It doesn’t just have to be Lego, but for now, Lego is our medium to showcase that.

"Lego Masters" airs tonight at 8 pm on Fox which is channel 8.

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