Summer is in full swing in the Capital Region, and we want to help you take that next outdoor drink to a literally, a higher level.

Summertime is here, the weather is amazing, and we are all ready in the Capital Region to enjoy the outdoors before the weather turns colder. It's just what we do!

Now, when it comes to dining of having a drink outdoors, we certainly have a long list of great decks, patios, and terraces to eat and drink al fresco here in the Capital Region.

But where do you do if you want to take things literally to another level on a rooftop bar with a view? We are not New York City when it comes to roofs with a view, but actually do have a pretty decent list to enjoy a drink where the air is a little thinner. Ok, these are not that high up, but they will bring you up to a birds-eye view.

So here's to raising a glass with a little altitude this summer at the Capital Region's best rooftop bars - check 'em out!

Brews With A View: The Capital Region's 5 Best Rooftop Bars

Summer time is here, which means an outdoor adult beverage is probably at the top of your to-do list most evenings. While outdoor bars and dining are nice, nothing beats an ELEVATED outdoor view. Here are the top 5 must-visit rooftop bars to add to your Capital Region summer 2022 bucket list.

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When it comes to having an outdoor cocktail or meal in the 518, these are the best of the best to enjoy the great outdoors this spring and summer.

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