Usually, when there's footage of robbers stealing, you have them with masks and not trying to bring attention to themselves. These smooth criminals went a different route - spontaneous dance break!

I'm a member of the Facebook group "Rotterdam Watch," among other similar groups, so that I can get an inside scoop at what's going on in my neighborhood. One of the more recent posts got my attention not just because it was two people suspected for grand larceny but because of the security footage they're using to identify them.

There are the regular pictures of them at the Walmart in Rotterdam, just around the store, but the video shows one of the guys taking a dance break. I can't imagine if they're using that as a distraction or if he was so happy with what he was doing, he couldn't hold it in anymore. Either way, can you imagine being in the middle of grand larceny and having time for a dance break?

According to Rotterdam Watch, Rotterdam Police are currently looking for these suspects. CBS6 is reporting that they say scammed a Walmart cashier out of $2,000. People who recognize either of the guys or their terrible dance moves, are asked to reach out to Inv. Sawyer at Rotterdam Police 518-355-7397.


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