On Thursday (March 12), the rapper stopped by Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3 to promote his forthcoming debut album, Find the Beat. During the conversation on The Cruz Show, the topic turned to going viral and making a name through the internet, and Blueface shared his thoughts on why he thinks the web is in a bad place right now.

"The internet is at an all-time low right now. Like, just for solid people, loyal fans," Blue said. "It's all about trolling and bots. You know who fucked up the internet? 6ix9ine. He fucked it up. Man, fuck 6ix9ine. On Crip!"

When the show's co-host admitted he liked the rapper and that people "had to respect" his antics, Blueface strongly disagreed.

"Fuck no! How you gon' respect it if it's not real?" Blue questioned. "How can you respect something if it's not real? It was never real–his persona, his internet presence. Fake shit got him real time."

He agreed when someone said it was a science to what he was doing, but added, "That's a bad project, though. That's like creating a monster that you can't control and then it gets outside the room and then it takes over the whole world and you're like, 'Oh it was a great project!' No."

Blueface continued on, mentioning that he knows 6ix9ine will still have fans upon his pending release, but he will not have it easy.

"I'm sure there's people that don't even give a fuck about what he did," he noted. "I'm sure those people will still rock with him. I feel like that's all within. If he wake up in the mirror and content with looking a snitch in the face, I don't lose no sleep. But I'm sure it will be a lot harder for him to operate just with people. There's certain people who don't even want to affiliate themselves."

Blueface previously spoke about the incarcerated rapper in Oct. 2019, telling paparazzi 6ix9ine won't get a pass in his hood when he is released from jail.

"He don't get no passes man," Blueface said. "We don't do no snitching out here. He don't get no pass. These white people don't care man. They wanna make they money. They don't give a damn if you snitching. They don't live by that. So for the labels, it's cool for them that's more publicity for them."

Blueface's comments come one week after 6ix9ine's prison release date was revealed. The rapper is set to be released on Aug. 2 after serving nearly two years for racketeering and firearms charges.

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