Lil Wayne‘s five insolent words, “I don’t like New York,” have upset many New Yorkers. But one person who is standing by Weezy’s comments is his Cash Money boss and surrogate father Birdman.

In an interview with FuseTV, Birdman states that whatever Wayne says, he supports it 100 percent. “To me, personally, I feel whatever my son (Wayne) says I’m gonna ride with,” he says. “So if he say he don’t like it, then that’s just what it is. If he don’t like it, we don’t like it. I don’t like it if he don’t like it. That’s law.”

Birdman’s defense of Wayne comes after New York State Sen. Michael Smith held a press conference on Wednesday (Aug. 22) demanding that the Young Money honcho apologize for his hateful comment.

“If you don’t like New York, you don’t have to come to New York, you don’t have to sell your products here, and maybe we won’t come to your concerts,” said Sen. Smith. “I love this city, I was born in this city. And he should also know, anecdotally or not, he also insulted the memory of Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z, who both made endearing songs about New York.”

“New Yorkers are forgiving people,” he adds. “We’re prepared to forgive Lil Wayne if in fact he makes a sincere apology.”

We can understand why some people are so upset with Weezy’s comment, but for a politician to take time out of his busy day to hold a press conference over it seems a bit far-fetched to us. Honestly, we don’t think too many people were bothered by Wayne’s remarks. In context, Wayne’s past legal troubles in New York could explain some of his resentment toward the Big Apple.

What do you think? Should Lil Wayne apologize for his remark about New York? Tell us in the comments below.

Watch Birdman’s Response to NY Senator’s Demands for an Apology From Lil Wayne

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