The collective G.O.O.D. Music album, Cruel Summer, has given us a several joints worth talking about – Mercy, Clique, the I Don’t Like Remix to name a few. Hopefully those “Cruel Winter” rumors turn out to be more than that, cuz according to Big Sean, some big names were left off certain “Summer” tracks.

During an interview with Tim Westwood, Sean explained:

“What happened on Don’t Like is I got to it last. They didn’t even want me on the song and I heard it and was like ‘let me get a verse on this song.’ But look, there was other people who did verses for that and they didn’t keep that s--- byt they kept mine. I can’t tell you who. A lot of people had veses to ‘Clique’ though. They were real legit verses, didn’t make it. Real grade-a rappers didn’t make it. Just me, ‘Ye and Hov.”

Kanye is the one who ultimately decided who made the final cut.

As you’ll see in the interview below, Sean didn’t dismiss the possibility of teaming up with fellow Detroit native, Eminem, on his sophomore album “Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player.”