There was a big fuss about Olympic athletes wearing Beats By Dre head phones.  There are a lot of rules and regulations about what athletes can wear and endorse during the Olympic games. Rueters  has the whole story on how Dr. Dre beat the rules to get a free endorsement deal.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) forbids athletes from taking part in advertising for anyone except the 11 international companies that pay around $100 million each for four years of global rights to sponsor the Olympics

Dr. Dre’s offered the head phones to athletes from about 20 nations but stressed it was up to each national Olympic team to ensure athletes protected the sponsors.

“We have to take a commonsense approach,” Adams said. “There is a difference between someone using equipment with a logo and someone promoting the brand.”

I like some one using the rules to their advantage Dr. Dre/Monster head phones got a 100 million dollar endorsement on national TV for the price of a couple of sets of head phones.  You can’t be mad at this but I bet those 100 million dollar sponsors who spent all that money are hot about this.