Election Day is fast approaching, so now is the time to make your decision on how you’re going to vote, then make sure that you cast your ballot.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, anyone who wants to vote with an absentee ballot can do so this year.  Voters will not have to wait in long lines to cast their ballots, you can vote in person on election day if you choose to, however you can also vote by mail or drop your ballot off at one of the Board of Elections’ drop boxes.  In addition, Governor Cuomo is requiring all Board of Elections to allow voters to drop their ballots off at the Board of Elections offices, or at an early voting location.

Even during a pandemic, the governor is making sure that everyone who wants to vote, can vote safely.  He said, “We want fair voting, we want easy voting, and we want accurate voting.  Because of COVID this year, you can vote by absentee or you can vote early.  Vote in person on election day if you choose. You can get your ballot online; you can do that now.”

Early voting starts on October 24 and runs through November 1.

It’s important for voters to understand how absentee voting works.  Anyone in New York is allowed to request an absentee ballot this year.  If you don’t request your absentee ballot in a timely manner, that option will not be open for you.

Just check the box marked “temporary illness“ if you intend to vote by absentee ballot.  For more information on how to vote with an absentee ballot go to ny.gov/early vote.

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