Shayne Lamas, the Season 12 winner of 'The Bachelor,' is pregnant with her second child!

Her husband, Nik Richie, revealed the happy news to Us Weekly. "Shayne's twelve weeks pregnant. Like the great husband I am, I knocked her up during her birthday trip in Maui, Hawaii, last November. Definitely a LOVE baby."

It's a cute statement, if bordering on a tad TMI.

He added in a blog post on his website, "Both Shayne and I are super excited for our second child. I've grown so much as a father and Shayne is an amazing mother. Together we are a great team and love each other very much."

Lamas also revealed the news on her Instagram account, captioning a photo of the phrase, "Being pregnant is an occupational hazard of being a wife," with another one that reads: "When you are under construction it's ideal to put on the hard-hat kids."

The couple eloped to Las Vegas in April of 2010 hours after meeting one another, and they welcomed their first child, daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie in November the next year.

A great big mazel tov to them both!

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