Of all the crazy ways drama has been stirred up on 'The Bachelor,' Juan Pablo Galavis might have found the craziest: ban kissing!

Kissing is like breathing on the ABC reality dating series, so when Juan Pablo called for a cessation of smooching on last night's (Jan. 27) episode? The women freaked out. Not all the ladies, mind you, just some of the 13 remaining contestants he hasn't yet made out with -- seven, by his admission (TBH, we've completely lost count at this point).

Why the drastic and unprecedented move, Juan Pablo, why? Turns out the single dad was starting to have second thoughts about what his 4-year-old daughter, Camila, would think seeing him smooch so many women. "I've kissed six girls already, and I don't want my daughter seeing her dad kissing 20 girls, so I'm going to take a step back and I'm going to try to not kiss anybody tonight," he says.

Makes sense, sure -- unless you're one of the unfortunate ones hoping for a first kiss from the Venezuelan soccer stud that very night. Just ask poor Lauren S., who might still be crying in the hall!

But, like most things in 'Bachelor' land, the ban was temporary. Like, 20 minutes temporary. Juan Pablo was soon swapping spit with the conniving Clare, whose teeth and lips he was "helpless" to resist, despite her admission that she threw up in her mouth earlier in the day.

As JP is fond of saying, "Ay ay ay"!

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