The name Chris Rivers may not sound familiar to some hip hop fans but surely you know his father, who aint’ a playa but he f---s a lot. The artist formerly known as “Baby Pun” is going through a rebirth process under his new stage name.

He chopped it up with Hot 97’s Rosenberg, addressing the change of identity. “And it’s different caushe like I get proud when people tell me I’m like my father, but his good side. Cause he had two sides. There’s one side that nobody really knew. So I get proud when people tell me that, but when people call me Baby Pun I don’t really want it cause it’s like I don’t want to be like my father at all. I want to be a better man than him, or take all his good qualities and amplify it. I don’t want to be that man and I’m not that man.”

We can’t blame the upstart for wanting to step out of his father’s shadow (take notes, JADEN SMITH!!). Rivers dropped his mixtape earlier this week, Wonderland Of Misery. Check out the full interview with Rosenberg below.

**SIDE NOTE** Are we sure this is Pun's son?  Looks more like one of Michael Strahan's offspring with that Grand Canyon gap in his grill.