Y2K was a transitional year for hip-hop. In 2000, rap music began to evolve into sample-based production and new musical sounds as artists emerged from different regions across the country.

Nelly delivered his trailblazing album, Country Grammar. At the time, no one knew a rap scene even existed in St. Louis. The Midwest rapper brought a different slang, style and sound to the culture, which pushed him into the mainstream. Not too far behind was Ludacris, who became a prominent voice of the south, Atlanta to be specific, with his major-label debut, Back for the First Time.

Meanwhile, as apolitical songs about women, cars and money continued to permeate rap music, socially-conscious artists made plenty of noise with their politically-charged albums. Dead Prez, Reflection Eternal and Common all delivered important albums that elevated your mind and fed your soul.

Elsewhere in the 2000s, rap fans were introduced to the diabolical mind of Eminem on his classic second album, The Marshall Mathers LP. Under his alter ego Slim Shady, the Detroit rhymer narrates tales of depression, murder and mayhem on the controversial yet groundbreaking project.

At the turn of the century, plenty of rap veterans also came through with noteworthy albums. Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele remains a timeless classic among Wu-Tang Clan fans. Jay-Z introduced his new roster of Roc-A-Fella MCs and producers on The Dynasty: Roc La Familia. In the ATL, OutKast continued to astound and amaze with their musical creativity on their classic album Stankonia.

Finally, we can't forget about underground hip-hop. Legendary indie groups Dilated Peoples, Slum Village and Screwball all delivered classic albums for the new millennium.

So without further ado, XXL presents 22 of the Best Hip-Hop Albums From 2000.

See 22 of the Best Hip-Hop Album From 2000

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