Duty calls for Azealia Banks. The up and coming rapper had to turn down the opportunity to tour with Nicki Minaj on the European leg of the latter’s Pink Friday arena tour. WTF? Is she cray cray? Nah, turns out she is still working on her debut platter, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste.’ While it has to sting to pass up to the chance to tour with Minaj, Banks needs to get the record done.

Bum to the out, though. Still, Banks has to focus and get her album finished, so she can get on the road and properly promote the record when it’s finished and for sale. There will be other tours and if Minaj wanted her now, chances are, she’ll want her again! These two femcees belong on a tour together, that’s for sure.

In other Banks news, she dropped a new fashion vid for Alexander Wang’s T line, of which she is the face. See, there are lots of things happening in Banks’ world. One thing at a time, girl. It was nice of her to adopt a full disclosure policy with her fans, and reveal that she had to say no and why.

Minaj, on the other hand, will finish the North American leg of the tour on Aug. 12 in Vancouver.

Below is Banks’ tweet breaking the news that she has to sit out Pink Friday.

Minaj wasn’t so quick to support Banks’ touring claims, however. She responded with what most Barbz read as a “subtweet,” writing, “#ManTheseB—-esDelirious.” Alright then! That didn’t sit well with the notoriously sassy tweeter that is Banks, who replied thusly:

In a tweet that’s since been deleted (but was retweeted and thus lives on), Banks also noted, “I could be really unprofessional and post emails between ur manager and my booking agent but I won’t.” Well, alright then!

Your move, Minaj.

Watch Azealia Banks’ Alexander Wang Video