Things have gotten pretty ugly for America this past weekend as President Trump and his team have been enforcing an immigration ban within the country, leading to dozens of protests around the U.S. at airports. As many celebrities have spoken out about the discriminational act, Rihanna has been part of that collective and has voiced her outrage on the Executive Order.

Fans witnessed as Azealia Banks came for the pop sensation on social media, calling her out on what she believes is ignorance. She even told the Anti singer to "shut up and sit down," while taking shots at her not being a U.S. citizen, as Rihanna is from Barbados. The two have been having an epic back-and-forth on Instagram that has gotten pretty personal, but now things have taken a turn for the worse. Last night, the Harlem native leaked RiRi's personal phone number in an act of revenge, captioning the photo of the screenshot with, "Bombs away!"

So far, Rihanna hasn't seemed to directly respond, however, her Twitter profile photo was briefly changed last night to an odd screen shot of a conversation that may have allegedly been with Banks. The conversation looked as though it was accusing Rihanna of being addicted to drugs and sex, and made a mention of Beyoncé. Users believe that the singer was hacked, but there's no way to tell, as her photo was changed to a kissing face selfie without explanation of the previous screenshot.

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