It looks like the Azealia Banks’ battery case against Russell Crowe is over as the Los Angeles County D.A.’s office has dropped the charges. According to TMZ, the D.A. felt that Crowe's actions were justified in order to stop an argument from escalating out of control.

As you recall, Banks was the RZA’s guest at Crowe’s party when the rapper allegedly became belligerent and started arguing with other partygoers. Witnesses claim that Banks was unruly and threatened other partygoers with bodily harm with a wine glass. That’s when Crowe stepped in and threw her out.

Banks alleges that Crowe hurled the N-word at her and then spat on her while tossing her from the apartment. However, the RZA said that Crowe didn't say the N-word and sided with the actor's decision to violently escort her out of the party.

“If I had known that she had mental issues I would have tried to keep a father type of eye on her at the party,” he stated. “I didn’t know.”

TMZ reports that the D.A. concluded that Crowe throwing her out of the party was "justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks." The D.A. also said that Crowe's spitting was "incidental" since his saliva didn't hit anyone.

On Wednesday (Dec. 7), Banks expressed her disappointment on her Facebook page. She writes:

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