In order to have a lasting presence in hip-hop these days, an artist needs to keep the hits coming. Lucky for Audio Push, that's just what they're doing with the release of their latest EP, My Turn II.

Following The Good Vibe Tribe, which they dropped in April, the California rap duo comprised of Oktane and Price are expanding on their 2011 EP, My Turn, with solid lyrics and beats that their fans are more than familiar with. Tracks from Meek Mill, Rico Richie and K Camp, among others, serve as the base for their rhymes on My Turn II.

"In the first one, we did remixes, but we just felt that we needed to put more music into the game and give more stuff to the people -- more content and more raps for the fans to here," Price tells The Boombox. "And we wanted to do it on more songs that they like. So it was something that we wanted to do for the fans. We were asking them about their favorite instrumentals that they would like to hear us on. It's really fan-driven."

While Audio Push welcomed fans' involvement, Oktane explains that the beat selection was mainly internal and less complicated compared to their past projects. "We just put our heads together with our manager to see what's crackin' out there right now but also what we would enjoy rapping out," he says of the six-track EP, which you can listen to below as an exclusive listen on The Boombox. "We got a pool of those songs together, picked out the best ones from there, turned on Pro Tools and just started going song after song. It wasn't too much rocket science with this one. Normally we focus a lot on the music, but this time we just went for it."

Two songs on My Turn II have already received rave reviews: remixes of Future's "F--- Up Some Commas" and Mobb Deep's classic "Shook Ones." With those rap-friendly tracks already out for the masses to hear, Audio Push decided to showcase their range as artists by hopping on the DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge collaboration, "You Know You Like It."

"We hear that beat all the time on the radio," Oktane shares. "And that's actually one song that I enjoy hearing. So it was a no-brainer. When Price was down to do it, I was like, 'That's my favorite song on the radio, hands down.' So that was easy."

Hits Since '87

Price adds, "We also wanted to show that we can jump on all different styles of beats. With that being a borderline EDM thing that's big right now, it was dope. It shows that we can hop on a mainstream song and still keep the integrity of real rap but be melodic and fun. And it came out dope."

Audio Push went for the more mainstream approach with this particular remix, but they emphasize that they aren't just following musical trends; they're more interested in "good beats."

"We're into good beats," Price explains. "The thing about the AlunaGeorge-DJ Snake beat is that it doesn't matter if it was in a festival or on the radio, it's just good. And that's why we love it. I'm into awesome beats. If it's an EDM beat, we'll hop on it. If it's an incredible country beat and it's awesome, I'm on it. We create music. We're actually artists and that's where Audio Push comes from. We push audio. We don't just push rap."

Currently, the hip-hop team are busy on the road touring with Snow Tha Product all summer. When they're not performing, the guys are putting the finishing touches on their long-awaited studio album, which is almost complete.

"Our album is just about done," Price reveals. "And the only way to get stuff out at this point is just to do that. We have a ton of music that we have stored of it, a ton of it we've done with other beats and stuff. So if we were going to drop something, it was going to be something we've already done. We did My Turn so might as well do My Turn II. And it's free music and not a hassle to put out with clearances or anything. It was a no-brainer for us."

Audio Push will be finishing up the album once they finish their last summer tour stop on Aug. 22. The LP, currently untitled, is set for release later this year. They also hope to get another tour together to cap off a busy 2015.

Price reveals that the performance trek is just one thing fans can look forward to. "We're planning to do a tour with our whole clique and are going to give more details on that when we get them. It's just going to be a dope experience," he states. "We're just keeping the fire going. We're actually dropping this dope video that's two videos in one. We're just working our asses off. We're just having fun but we're working hard. We're extremely excited. I mean, we looked at our SoundCloud and we have 9 million total plays. We've been really focused on the music, and knowing the stuff we're just throwing out to please our fans is actually catching fire and people are paying attention is dope."

Experience Audio Push's My Turn II EP below and take a look at the newest episode of the Inside the Vibe, which gives a look into their life on the road while currently on tour.

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