If you thought your Snaphat game was on point, take a look at ASAP Ferg's new social media-inspired video for "Dope Walk."

The Harlem, N.Y.-bred MC introduces his new two-step-inducing track by way of FaceTime video chat. The simple visuals showcase Ferg and model Cara Delevingne catching up before he lets her in on all his big New York Fashion Week moments. The British model has previously showed off her "dope walk" as she challenged Ferg to a walk-off back in December.

"Yo, Cara. Where you at?" Ferg asks. "I'm on vacation," she responds. The beat drops and Ferg opens up with the friendly hook as all his shenanigans take place onscreen. "Do the dope walk, do the dope walk / N----, f--- the trap lord I'm the dope lord / Now I'm on my gangsta lean like a dope fiend / My walk meaner than Cara Delevingne's," he rhymes on the chorus.

Cara isn't the only high-profile friend in the video. Ferg's time at NYFW leads him to run into the likes of Rihanna, Diddy, Kanye West and a host of other models strutting down the runway.

By the looks of it, Ferg really knows how to embrace his uptown roots, with his own Harlem Shake-style anthem. “Check out my walk because it’s so amazing / Nothing like Bobby Shmurda’s but I congratulate him / More like a gangsta lean, let’s get this picture painted,” he rhymes describing his "dope walk."

Watch A$AP Ferg and friends break out some fancy footwork above.

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