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In case you haven’t heard of Yung Lenox yet, he’s an 8-year-old phenom that’s gotten some street cred for his artistic drawings of hip-hop artists. His latest creation involves Lego bricks and veteran rapper Cam’ron.

On Friday (Dec. 19), the Dipset leader gave a shout out to Lenox on his Instagram page for building a four and a half foot Lego monument of him in his iconic pink fur coat while he's talking on his cell phone.

"Shout to #YungLenox he made this out of Lego.. I actually met him when I was in Seattle.. #MeanWhile #FanFriday,” the ‘Hey Ma’ rapper captioned his post.

While some kids his age are drawing stickmen and trying to stay within the lines in coloring books, Lenox’s works are next level. From ODB, Tupac Shakur, Gucci Mane, Geto Boys and more, this kid has paid homage to several rappers since the tender age of seven -- and doesn’t look like he’s going to be done anytime soon.

Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to see his works come to life in the near future. A documentary, titled 'Live Fast, Draw Yung,' on the young hip-hop artisan is in the works that is set to debut next year. A Kickstarter campaign is underway to help fund the production of the movie.

Check out more of Yung Lenox’s artwork here.

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