Wonder how Kanye West's alleged beat down of a teenager, who hurled insults at Kim Kardashian, really went down? The comedians at Taiwanese Animators put together a visual explaining it all in very simple (and funny) terms.

In the spot, an animated West (wearing a crown of thorns like his famous Rolling Stone cover and kilt) approaches the White supremacist teen in the chiropractor's office. The 18-year-old is not interested in 'Ye and after being ignored, the rapper/producer starts to fight. The two throw bombs and literal punching gloves at each other.

Kim walks in carrying baby North, who, incidentally, looks like the logo for Northwest Airlines. The teen allegedly hurled "N-bombs" at her and Yeezy comes to her rescue. West and the teen fight until a massage therapist breaks them up.

In the end, the Beverly Hills police were eventually called to investigate the incident. Comically, the animators used Eddie Murphy who starred in the 1984 flick 'Beverly Hills Cop,' to portray the police.

In real life, Kim has filed a police report against the teen. The celebutante claims that the kid allegedly threatened to hit her among other things.