When it comes to discussing who the greatest rappers are, Andre 3000 is on many people's list, as he's been killing verse after verse since his 'Southernplayalisticcaddillacmuzik' days.

But it doesn't sound like he considers himself one of the greatest of all time. At least according to comments he made at a Q&A session for his upcoming film 'In Jimi: All Is By My Side,' slated to be released on Sept. 26.

While talking about which actors he would choose to play him and Big Boi in an OutKast movie, he said his rhyming partner is way better than him. He also talked about the chemistry between the two.

"The chemistry that made OutKast was the balance," he said. "And honestly, [Big Boi's] a much sharper rapper than I am. If I was going to a battle, I'd definitely bet on him instead of me."

Additionally, Three Stacks spoke about being nervous on stage at the beginning of his career, and he used that feeling to relate to Hendrix, who initially had the same problem. "When you first start, you're nervous," he admitted.

"I remember the first OutKast shows I wouldn't move at all. It takes you a minute to get comfortable in front of people. With Jimi, the story is about these two women that were in his life that really in so many ways helped make this guy. He didn't have a lot of confidence in his voice."

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