Amber Rose isn't shy when it comes to showing off her body, and who can blame her? In her latest set of Instagram photos, Wiz Khalifa's ex proves she's just as comfortable with her clothes on as she is with them off.

While spending some time in Maui for a cover shoot with famed photographer David LaChapelle, the model shared some hot semi-nude photos of herself lying on the beach. She wears nothing but her shades and a belly chain. Amber, who's topless in one photo, wishes that the beach was a clothes optional kind of spot. But keeping things PC, she covers her breasts (or at least tries to) to avoid any nip slip action.

"If only this beach was actually Topless #Maui," she wrote as the caption.

Amber gives us a frontal view and made sure not to ignore her backside, which you can see below. For all the haters, she's likely doing this to prove her derriere is real. So why not flaunt it, right?

She also posted a video where she sings along to PARTYNEXTDOOR's song "Recognize." While she's grooving more to the song than actually singing it, Amber exudes sexiness even from the neck up. You can see the video below.

Unfortunately, Amber has continuously been ridiculed for posting sexy photos of herself on social media. From Kanye West's "30 showers" jab to social media users who throw negative comments her way, she's tried to shrug those off and stand proud of her body and sexuality.

However, Amber doesn't want to just let the haters slide. In a recent interview, she spoke about her plans regarding a Slut Walk event this summer in hopes of empowering women. She wants to give them a voice to take control of their own sexuality as well as connect them with other females who have been subjected to what she has gone through. This will also help put a stop to bullying on social media, according to her.

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