Amber Rose just released the Cover Art for her book "How To Be A Bad B*tch" This is Amber Rose's definition

Bad Bitch (n.): A self respecting, strong female who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger; a woman who gets her way by any means necessary.

Ok.... Why do people think they can just come around and make words mean what ever they want to make them mean. This is the same theory she tried to use with the slut walk. These words have been used for years to disrespect women and now all of the sudden Amber Rose thinks being a bad b*tch is something to aspire to. This is the exact same argument people use to justify saying the n word.

It's crazy that she is about to give women advice on how achieve the "accomplishments" she has done in her career. I know your thinking to your self what accomplishments and career does Amber Rose have? Well that my exact point this is another way for Amber Rose to extend her 15 minutes of fame and make a little money. The sequel to this book will probably be called "How To Be A Bad Mother".